Thursday, 29 August 2013

Growing out a cropped Cut

Growing out a Cropped Cut

Are you in the awkward no mans land where you want to grow your hair but you can never manage it when it gets that little bit longer with no shape or style.... here's a little gallery of Carrey Mulligan pictures to show you how to grow out that cropped style.

First of all its definitely not a hair myth that you need to get it trimmed regularly to make it grow. Just leave it an extra week or two between appointments so there is room for your hair to grow.

If you are growing out a cropped pixie style try growing the fringe first, this will instantly make your hair feel much longer.

Make sure you are using good products on your hair, the key to hair growth is healthy hair. I've recently had my extensions out and have used Aveda Invati ever since and i swear by it. I'll tell you all about it on a later post.

Using a good shampoo and conditioner will give you a good head start to hair growth. 

I find that growing the fringe first helps you achieve something pretty quickly then move on to the next area to concentrate on. Id normally recommend keeping the style fairly textured at this point to hide any awkward areas that may be flicking out.

 I love cutting short styles and i'm a firm believer that while growing your in to a certain style make sure you have styles in between. You don't want to have that growing out look for a year. A great way to make a style more interesting is having tendrels. Enhance those wispy areas, flicks are girly and flirty!

To get your hair in to a bob shape you want to then start growing the back and getting a nice rounded shape. The bob is my signature haircut and there is so many ways to create a nice curve. Just ask you stylist what options you have. 

Hope this helped you out.

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