Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Dark Side to Ombre Hair

The Dark Side to Ombre Hair

Have you had that beautiful ombre style throughout the summer and now feel its time to go darker and richer for autumn?

Well you don't necessarily have to dive straight back into even glossy colour, go for the darker side of ombre.

This is still lighter towards the ends but think rich deep chocolates into dark toffee or deep plums.

Autumn is all about being indulgent.

This is a great way to get your hair looking healthier again. Sun bleached is really pretty in the summer but once those nights start closing in its time to go for
autumnal alternatives.

My favourite version of this would be a real rich velvety brown melting into bronzed copper ends.

Hope this has given you some hairspiration.

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The textured blunt bob

The Textured Blunt Bob

I absolutely love cutting bobs i could do it all day (sometimes i do!) At the moment i'm noticing a real trend of people chopping their beloved locks off.
I think its great, now everyone doesn't look the same with long wavy hair! May favourite shape at the moment is a real square blunt bob, almost looks like it been cut with kitchen scissors (please don't try). 

 This can be a really trendy look but can also be styled into a great glamourous polished style.Think either shine or texture when styling your hair in this way. 

Texture will give you a more casual feel where as the shiny glossy look will give it a more grown up feel.

When colouring this type of haircut you can stick to one all over colour and let the shape of the cut do the talking or stick to really simple colouring techniques. If you go for anything too crazy it will just get lost in the cut and loose its effect, by trying to create this extra texture you will actually end up loosing it.

Bobs can be such a beautiful style, cut it nice and simple, clean lines and it will look amazing!!

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Aveda Invati

Aveda Invati

I dont usually do this but just wanted to talk about a product range i'm using at the moment, Aveda Invati.

I've been using this range on my hair for 8 weeks now and really noticing an improvement. It is actually a solution for thinning hair, not a problem i was experiencing but i have always had fine hair.

Since using the exfoliating shampoo, thickening conditioner and scalp revitaliser i have experienced fuller looking and feeling hair. Its full of life, much healthier and i have noticed its grown quicker!

SCIENCE WARNING:Here's the science behind it.... Densiplex!to find out more click on this Aveda Invati Link

 Aveda turned to Ayurvedic medicine to develop this product. 

If you have any questions on how this product works, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I must stress that this isn't a miracle product, it wont make your hair grow back! It's the source to healthy hair which can lead to increased growth!

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mummy Kim's Make Over

Mummy Kim's Make Over


So.... Kim Kardashian has had a mummy make over and i've got to say i'm not very impressed! 

Kim's decided to go uber blonde and had a grown out rootey technique.

What your view, is this a thumbs up or thumbs down....

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Whats you chosen Aubergine?

Whats your chosen Aubergine?

One of the next seasons hottest colours is Aubergine.

Wether you choose to keep it extremley dark almost violet raven or really vibrant purple, its one the seasons finest.

 The darker shades are a way to have a more natural version of this trend. Although its dark, by adding lots of tone you can still get a real vibrant colour.

The lighter you go with this the more purple it will look rather than a dark aubergine. 

Throughout the summer this began with the pastel shades which were applied to blonde hair.Now that we have come into the autumn months its time for bolder, richer and glossier shades.

There are red and blue tones to create violet, this means with the right colour brands there are loads of different violet shades to choose from.

Some are more magenta like and others have a stronger blue in them. Go to your hairdressers book a consultation or just be brave and they will help you decide on a shade and the best technique for you.  

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