Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Fringes for round faces

Fringes for round faces

Its that time of year where we are all getting itchy feet and need a change. Its time to have "BANGS". There is a fringe for everyone but here is a variety of shapes for round faces.

There are certain shapes to avoid, you can end up making your face rounder or even add to corners to end up looking more masculine.

A straight across "school girl" fringe will make your face rounder, accentuating cheek bones, so if you have no bones it will just show off cheek. 

Try having a slightly softer edge to it, this creates a bit more femininity. Having longer sides to your fringe will also create a longer face shape. 

A slightly sweepy fringe looks really pretty on a round face, make sure its heavy enough to give an impact and hold its shape.

Again keep the longer edges to your fringe to give a soft slope. 

When you have a round face its great to have soft layering and your fringe blend into the rest of your haircut.

Im a huge fan of the Alexa Chung fringe, it's one that i've decided to go for this winter!

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2 weeks till christmas!

2 weeks till CHRISTMAS

Are you having a mad panic and trying to think of the perfect gift. Im here to help!!

Do you have a family member or friend that likes the finer things in life and loves to be treated.....

Aveda have a beautiful range of christmas gift sets this year, they are limited edition so once they are gone, they are gone!!!

Changing Lives in Nepal 
2,400 families can buy food and clothing, repair their homes,send their children to school and save for the future because more than 4,9000 people were hired to make more than 1,400,000 sheets of paper for these gift sets. That's a lot of lives changed. And because it protects 34,000 acres of forest it also fights climate change which could change all our lives!

Not only do these presents change lives but they are also beautiful gifts. Pop in to your local Aveda salon!!

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Friday, 8 November 2013

The new british IT girl in town

Suki Waterhouse

The new It girl in town with the very famous boyfriend...(Bradley Cooper) is my new girl crush. She always looks great, bang on trend and effortlessly beautiful. Heres a few pictures to demonstrate why....

 I love the variations of soft blondes with subtle beiges.

 This girl can easily pull off either warm or cool colours.

I always find that as the weather gets colder and you get more miserable, people look for change. How about going for a Suki fringe, so versatile, can be worn in all sorts of ways which is great when the weather dictates your hairstyle!
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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My Current most asked for is....

Jennifer Anniston

Loads of people are now toning down their bleached blonde hair for the winter, and the most asked for celebrity hair at the moment for me is......

Jennifer Anniston

Personally i think she has always had great hair, ranging from really blonde to fairly dark and it always keeps it shine. Jennifer always has the perfect hair tone skin tone combination.

Heres a selection of her colours starting from lightest to darkest......

Jennifer will always keep at least a small amount of warmth to her hair.

If its really blonde then she keeps a soft gold and slight vanilla tone.

As her hair gets darker the gold tone gets stronger.

In the past Jen has toned her hair down by either using darker shades or by including a deeper darker shade, light brown toffee colours.

By keeping these low lights fine, she can keep the natural look she usually has.

The darker shades help to hide roots when they grow through.

Another way to keep this natural soft look is to use high-lift tints, which will give soft glossy highlights. By doing larger sections maybe even slices of these colours you can achieve soft shimmering colour and play around with different depths. This technique will also work on darker brown shades.

Make sure that you use products which contain protein when your hair is lightened, this will help to strengthen you hair. Protein can be found in shampoos as well as styling products.

Jennifer has also experimented with an Ombre type trend. Keeping it sun kissed lighter around her face and much darker around the crown. This keeps a richness to colour but without feeling too dark. I think this really suited her and love how the colour is darker underneath. Lots of people keep it light all over and it isn't always the most natural looking approach. Ask you hair dresser about the alternatives to full head highlights in all the same colours through out.

Jen has also had a more all over colour look. This was still done in a very light soft tone, keeping the gold and even a soft apricot tone.

You could have an all over colour and just a few soft highlights in the front if you were not quite brave enough yet.

When her hair was at its darkest it was a very strong look, he colour is a lot less complimentary but she still manages to pull it off.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Glossy Locks

Glossy Locks

Are you always looking a girls with glossy locks and wonder how they do it, what miracle products they use?!

Well maybe its just the haircut you need. So many girls are obsessed with long hair and refuse to cut it regularly and if they do its just a trim, most of the time the hair you day dream about is actually shorter, in better condition and in a suitable colour!

If you constantly change you colour dramatically and over process it but insist on not having an encounter with the scissors you will end up with straw hair.

These lovely ladies demonstrate exactly what i'm talking about...

 Obviously using great hair products helps too. Don't worry good value products do exist. 

Aveda are sooooo concentrated that you use tiny amounts, a little goes a long way.

Being full of naturally derived plant and flower extracts they give your hair the beautiful boost you need.

The Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener is brilliant on frizzy coarse hair, gives a great amount of control and protects against humidity. 

My advise is be brave go shorter and have hair that people are envious of rather than cling on to those longer crusty lengths.

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Reverse Ombre

Reverse Ombre

This technigue can be used for variety of different reasons but it does what it says on the tin, lighter on the top and gradually getting darker.

I think this is great for all natural blondes that wanted ombre hair but were too blonde to start off with. Get it dark and glossy on those ends, its quite a gothic look but one i really love. It's more daring than the standard ombre because its an obviously un-natural look where as ombre is sun kissed.

The one big no no with the reverse ombre look is to make sure you don't look like a two tone 90's throw back, you remember.... that blonde on top black underneath trend!

The reverse ombre looks lovely with brighter tones going through thends. I've really enjoyed getting more copper/reds and violets tones through peoples hair.

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