Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine 

So the sun has got its hat on and put everyone in a good mood. Spring is in the air meaning only one thing...... seasonal hair change!!

When you think of spring, light soft pastel colours come to mind, golds, pinks and all the other delights.

Here's a few pictures to show the latest colours on trend...

This is still a nice bright blonde but has shimmers of golds going through it, keep to highlights of similar colours to get this effect. It has vanilla tones to keep it soft and sugary.

Both of these colours are more of a yellow gold, but still very clean. By adding a little pastel violet to your all over colours you can get a really pretty effect.

Ellie Goulding had a rose gold colour ran through her hair, its much more daring but i really like how soft this pink is in the hair. Ask your hairdresser about what options you have with toning you hair, these are semi permanent colour tones which can alter the overall look of you hair.

These two images are from the new Aveda Culture Clash collection, these are beautiful and really show how colour can be used. Gone are the days of plain boring matte all over colours, think high shine, shimmery and feminine!
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