Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Warmer side of Blonde-Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde

A honey blonde is slightly richer and deeper than a golden blonde, it almost has a slight violet tone to neutralise some of the yellow but keep the warmth, in other words its a beautiful colour and suits most skin tones. 

Think Rosie Huntington Whitley, shinny and and a little deeper/darker at the root.

This look can either be achieved by highlights or a global application, its much softer than using bleach and gives amazing shine.

As soon as autumn appears we all need a little more of a glow!

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Merry Christmas and Happy new You!

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, the amount of readers has been very over whelming so thanks for the support.

I hope you have enjoyed the info in my blog this year, please contact me if there's anything in particular you would like advice on.

Sorry i havnt posted lately been a very busy bee!

In January ill be posting ideas on how to re-invent your look and create a happy new you!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Warmer side to blonde- Creamy Yellow

Creamy Yellow

This may sound scary but catch your breath.... it's actually a really pretty soft tone.

When it comes to autumn everybody fancies a little more tone to their hair and this also includes blondes.

The perfect example of this is Kate Upton, you can keep the same shade of blonde but have your hairdresser introduce a few warmer more golden lowlights. It will help give your hair more shine especially if it has been over bleached. Maybe use a shine toner to balance out the porosity and give more tone all over.

This is a great tone to ease yourself in to a softer more glamourous world.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

GHD Curve

GHD Curve

Yay the day has finally arrived.... we have the new GHD curve in salon.

GHD curve is a new range with 4 different stylers,the creative wand, soft curl wand, classic tong and creative tong.Each of these stylers is capable of a few different looks, the creative editions especially. Wether your after the soft waves of Lana Del Ray or the beachy tousles of Blake Lively.... 

They are all extremely user friendly, i'd say they are even easier than the stylers to use. Just wrap your hair around the wand or tong, either flat wrap or twist wrap for a softer look. 

All in all i love this new range, it gives us the stylist so much more creativity, the looks are endless.If the hair is fully prepped and good products are used, the curve is said to make your hair last as long as you do! The new TV advert will be released soon, keep those eyes peeled its a good-un!

They are each retailed at £110 each, call the salon to book your blow dry and get a cheeky lesson on how to use the new Curve!

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Friday, 20 June 2014

Summer Bun

Summer Bun
The sun is trying its best to make a appearance, and its starting to get hot and humid, that means its time to find creative and easy updos. You cant beat a nice summery bun, heres a few ideas to get your juices flowing...

 Its a lot easier to put your hair up when its a little dirty, if its freshly washed put a product on to give it a little grime. To get the jessica type look curl all of your hair first, scrunch it in to a bun shape and hold in place with one hand, place kirby grips where your fingers sit then you should be able to take your hand away without it all falling down.Insert more kirby grips to hold it all in place.

I find hair ups look softer and more romantic when you pull tiny bits of hair out around your face. 

Try not to pull everything to tight otherwise it will end up to regimented and put in place.

Try adding in little twists or plaits to add that little extra something, twisting your fringe away from your face is great when the temperature starts rising.

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tejune Extensions

Tejune extensions

I am LOVE LOVE LOVING our new extension system, Tejune.

Check out their Facebook Twitter and Website.

We have had some great results already!

They are essentially damage free and promote healthy hair growth underneath.

You can have a single row just to thicken your natural hair and give more volume, or go slightly longer.

There is also the option of long luscious locks which i have loved doing.

For those of you after super long mermaid hair we also offer 22inch hair. 

You fit them to a scalp plait which is done using really low tension but a strong plait stitch.The extensions are then sown in. 

I've had these in myself to test out how they feel and great news... you completely forget they are even in! They are really comfortable, they don't take too long to fit and the colour matching that you can achieve is incredible.

Call the salon on 01245 251111 to book in for a consultation (friendly chat)with either jade (me) or Nikki.

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Circus Time

New Hall Circus themed Charity Show

We were the sponsors of the New Hall Charity Show 2014 and we had a great time. We had a circus theme which we really exaggerated. Heres a few cheeky shots from the evening...

Thanks to Tejune for supplying the fantastic hair extensions, they looked amazing.

We had a Fortune Teller, Clowns, Leopard and a Horse theme.

The show was a great success and New Hall raised a lot of money.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Collexia Filming

Collexia Technical video

Had fun behind the scenes creating the hair for the Collexia Technical Video.

Being part of this technical team has been great fun, special tanks to all the great models we spent the day with.

Click Here to view the clip.

For  more information visit

Its a brilliant hair dryer that delivers twice the power, at the same time applying a treatment to the hair. There are 3 to choose from Hydra to add moisture, Repair which helps add protein to the hair and restore the hairs health, and Beauty which gives the most glamourous shine.

Call the salon on 01245251111 for more information and to book your blow dry.

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Aveda Deep Colour Range

Aveda Deep Colour Range

So we have been waiting a while for these great colours to enter the country, but now they are here and i've had a few months of playing with them and i'm amazed by the results.

The Aveda Deep colour range has been specifically developed for people with naturally dark hair, Dark brown to black. Often colours come out warmer than you want because of the natural undertones on dark hair, this colour is made cooler to counteract this happening. They are also formulated to make Reds Redder, and coppers more orange. Im loving the creativity this colour range offers.

 You can lighten you hair by 5 shades in just 30minutes, which is fantastic. The condition of the hair is still looked after with essential oils and the colours still has that lovely Lavender aroma.

Getting great reviews from using these colours already....

Jo 2014-02-11 11:47
I am so pleased with my hair colour, Jade tried the new Aveda one for dark hair. It's great and my hair feels really silky even after I washed it! Also it doesn't look it to be washing out as quickly as my red would normally. Brilliant!

If your unsure on the natural depth of you hair feel free to pop in-salon for a consultation.

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Aveda Culture Clash collection

Aveda Culture Clash Collection

Hello, sorry for not posting lately had a manic few weeks. I'll share all the gossip with you.

This week i have been to the Aveda Institute in Holborn attending there collection unveiling. Here's a few pictures from their latest collection Culture Clash....

This shoot was located in London this year to demonstrate the diversity in the world now-a-days with every one travelling around more.

I love all the different colours they have used this season, no wonder they won a Cool Brand Award with the blue and white "Megan" image.

The "Maddie" pastel tones are also bang on trend for spring.All of these colours can be adapted to suit all kinds of skin tones and complexions.

With all these images there is a huge tribal influence which has also been seen on the catwalks. I love the multi layering of different fabrics, textures and colours used in the styling.

Seeing these hair cuts, colours and styling techniques being re created has really inspired me and i cant wait to put my own spin on these looks in the salon.


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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine 

So the sun has got its hat on and put everyone in a good mood. Spring is in the air meaning only one thing...... seasonal hair change!!

When you think of spring, light soft pastel colours come to mind, golds, pinks and all the other delights.

Here's a few pictures to show the latest colours on trend...

This is still a nice bright blonde but has shimmers of golds going through it, keep to highlights of similar colours to get this effect. It has vanilla tones to keep it soft and sugary.

Both of these colours are more of a yellow gold, but still very clean. By adding a little pastel violet to your all over colours you can get a really pretty effect.

Ellie Goulding had a rose gold colour ran through her hair, its much more daring but i really like how soft this pink is in the hair. Ask your hairdresser about what options you have with toning you hair, these are semi permanent colour tones which can alter the overall look of you hair.

These two images are from the new Aveda Culture Clash collection, these are beautiful and really show how colour can be used. Gone are the days of plain boring matte all over colours, think high shine, shimmery and feminine!
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