Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tejune Extensions

Tejune extensions

I am LOVE LOVE LOVING our new extension system, Tejune.

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We have had some great results already!

They are essentially damage free and promote healthy hair growth underneath.

You can have a single row just to thicken your natural hair and give more volume, or go slightly longer.

There is also the option of long luscious locks which i have loved doing.

For those of you after super long mermaid hair we also offer 22inch hair. 

You fit them to a scalp plait which is done using really low tension but a strong plait stitch.The extensions are then sown in. 

I've had these in myself to test out how they feel and great news... you completely forget they are even in! They are really comfortable, they don't take too long to fit and the colour matching that you can achieve is incredible.

Call the salon on 01245 251111 to book in for a consultation (friendly chat)with either jade (me) or Nikki.

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