Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Collexia Filming

Collexia Technical video

Had fun behind the scenes creating the hair for the Collexia Technical Video.

Being part of this technical team has been great fun, special tanks to all the great models we spent the day with.

Click Here to view the clip.

For  more information visit collexia.co.uk

Its a brilliant hair dryer that delivers twice the power, at the same time applying a treatment to the hair. There are 3 to choose from Hydra to add moisture, Repair which helps add protein to the hair and restore the hairs health, and Beauty which gives the most glamourous shine.

Call the salon on 01245251111 for more information and to book your blow dry.

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Aveda Deep Colour Range

Aveda Deep Colour Range

So we have been waiting a while for these great colours to enter the country, but now they are here and i've had a few months of playing with them and i'm amazed by the results.

The Aveda Deep colour range has been specifically developed for people with naturally dark hair, Dark brown to black. Often colours come out warmer than you want because of the natural undertones on dark hair, this colour is made cooler to counteract this happening. They are also formulated to make Reds Redder, and coppers more orange. Im loving the creativity this colour range offers.

 You can lighten you hair by 5 shades in just 30minutes, which is fantastic. The condition of the hair is still looked after with essential oils and the colours still has that lovely Lavender aroma.

Getting great reviews from using these colours already....

Jo 2014-02-11 11:47
I am so pleased with my hair colour, Jade tried the new Aveda one for dark hair. It's great and my hair feels really silky even after I washed it! Also it doesn't look it to be washing out as quickly as my red would normally. Brilliant!

If your unsure on the natural depth of you hair feel free to pop in-salon for a consultation.

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