Friday, 23 August 2013

Short Crops

Short Crops

As a hairdresser i will never get bored of cutting short cropped styles. I love the way small changes can be made and the whole style alters. People always think that once you have gone short you are stuck with plain hair that always looks the same....WRONG.

 Ask your hairdresser to cut different shapes in to your hair line, this should always be done by someone who knows what they are doing otherwise it could look a complete disaster.

 A personal favourite of mine is the fish tail at the back, this means its shorter in the centre of the hair line coming in to longer points at t he sides, this can be made more dramatic in to tendrils at the sides. Ask you hairdresser as unfortunately there are some funny growth patterns out there and how your hair grows will determine how it can be cut.

I love the way short hair can be feminine or very androgynous. Either cut with gentle whispy ends, or harsh blunt lines. Use a mixture of the two to get a completely unique looks.   

 Hope this post has given you a few ideas. If any one is looking for advice or suggestions please feel free to ask, just post a comment and ill get back to you.

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