Thursday, 22 August 2013



Over the summer months lots of people tend to grow out their fringe wethers its pushed to the side or completely grown out. 

Having a fringe cut in gives an instant change, can lift a drab hairstyle and get you looking glossy again.

An oval face shape can pull any type of fringe off, wether its blunt, soft, straight or curved.

Have you tried the faux fringe ———>
Clips on easily, just need to make sure the join is concealed well.If you have any doubts, buy one then take it to your hairdresser, they will be able to show you the best way to wear it for you!

Personally i find it a bit of a myth that if you have a round face you shouldn't have a full fringe. If your willing to have a statement fringe, really precise and neat i think its look beautiful on a round face.

 Don't be afraid of cutting in a fringe to open up your face. Having your fringe right on your eyebrows will really open up the area giving you brighter twinkly eyes.

Try the Peek-a-boo fringe, its cut really long so it can either be worn as a full fringe or slightly parted. Once it gets a little longer it can be fully parted in to sweeping bangs. This is great if your worried about going in for the chop.

Don't be afraid of having a wide fringe to accentuate cheek bones. 

 I have to admit i'm still a big fan of grown out sweeping bangs, theres something very sexy about them. So if your not feeling the fringe then these sweepy styles will still be around all winter. They are most flattering cut at the cheekbone and cut blunt, once swept you will get the soft curve your looking for.

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