Friday, 20 June 2014

Summer Bun

Summer Bun
The sun is trying its best to make a appearance, and its starting to get hot and humid, that means its time to find creative and easy updos. You cant beat a nice summery bun, heres a few ideas to get your juices flowing...

 Its a lot easier to put your hair up when its a little dirty, if its freshly washed put a product on to give it a little grime. To get the jessica type look curl all of your hair first, scrunch it in to a bun shape and hold in place with one hand, place kirby grips where your fingers sit then you should be able to take your hand away without it all falling down.Insert more kirby grips to hold it all in place.

I find hair ups look softer and more romantic when you pull tiny bits of hair out around your face. 

Try not to pull everything to tight otherwise it will end up to regimented and put in place.

Try adding in little twists or plaits to add that little extra something, twisting your fringe away from your face is great when the temperature starts rising.

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