Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Whats you chosen Aubergine?

Whats your chosen Aubergine?

One of the next seasons hottest colours is Aubergine.

Wether you choose to keep it extremley dark almost violet raven or really vibrant purple, its one the seasons finest.

 The darker shades are a way to have a more natural version of this trend. Although its dark, by adding lots of tone you can still get a real vibrant colour.

The lighter you go with this the more purple it will look rather than a dark aubergine. 

Throughout the summer this began with the pastel shades which were applied to blonde hair.Now that we have come into the autumn months its time for bolder, richer and glossier shades.

There are red and blue tones to create violet, this means with the right colour brands there are loads of different violet shades to choose from.

Some are more magenta like and others have a stronger blue in them. Go to your hairdressers book a consultation or just be brave and they will help you decide on a shade and the best technique for you.  

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