Thursday, 4 July 2013

Summer Colours

Summer Colours

So... Unsurprisingly the colour for summer is blonde, everyone wants to go blonder when the sun comes out(if it ever does). This year instead of diving for the bleach why not consider a more sub-dued blonde like a honey or vanilla tone. 

If your feeling particularly daring why not choose a rosy or apricot tone,this works wonderfully with blondes and helps to create a bit shine, no more dull blonde!! 

I'm encouraging many of my clients to go for a more sun kissed vibe rather than the usual uber blonde. Keep those brighter shades to frame the face and give that little kiss of sunshine. 

I love working with the Aveda Shades of Enlightenment, they even come with pretty names like Sunrise, Twilight and Daybreak to name but a few. There are so many new colouring techniques out there, be sure to ask your colourist about your options, theres more to life than a t-section!

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