Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Festival Survival Tips

Festival Survival Tips

The festival season has begun,Glasto has been and gone, i went to The Fling on saturday and i'm off to Wireless and LoveBox over the next few weeks and this got me thinking... so I've come up with a few ideas to get you through the festival season looking as fresh as daisy and effortlessly cool.

When your in that festival zone al you want is to have fun and not have to worry about the state of your hair. Here is a 3 day festival hair guide...

Day one
Enjoy that fresh clean feeling. Wash your hair in the morning, let it dry naturally with a little product to scrunch in the ends. Use a salt spray for extra texture or a glossing mist to tame unruly hair. If you have the time and your one of those hair dryer and round brush addicts, then have no fear, do a loose messy blow dry and spritz with a very light texture spray. simple and stylish think Alexa Chung and Kate Moss.

Day two
You and your hair have partied hard and you may both begin looking a little disheveled and slightly greasy. Spray a small amount of dry shampoo in at the root and massage in to absorb any nasties and give you a little boost. Maybe you should consider the festival floral or feather headband. This gives a focal point to distract away from those roots. If your hair is long, loosely plait or fish tail plait to keep out of the way.

Day Three
By now your hair has seen better days, there no miracle tricks now just simple up styles that are pulled back off your face, think braids and twists. You can go for buns, top knots, what ever you like just KEEP IT SIMPLE! the more you play with your hair and mess around the greasier it will get. Try a few styles pre-festival so you know what works with your hair type.

Hope this has helped, happy festival season!!

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