Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Fringes for round faces

Fringes for round faces

Its that time of year where we are all getting itchy feet and need a change. Its time to have "BANGS". There is a fringe for everyone but here is a variety of shapes for round faces.

There are certain shapes to avoid, you can end up making your face rounder or even add to corners to end up looking more masculine.

A straight across "school girl" fringe will make your face rounder, accentuating cheek bones, so if you have no bones it will just show off cheek. 

Try having a slightly softer edge to it, this creates a bit more femininity. Having longer sides to your fringe will also create a longer face shape. 

A slightly sweepy fringe looks really pretty on a round face, make sure its heavy enough to give an impact and hold its shape.

Again keep the longer edges to your fringe to give a soft slope. 

When you have a round face its great to have soft layering and your fringe blend into the rest of your haircut.

Im a huge fan of the Alexa Chung fringe, it's one that i've decided to go for this winter!

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