Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Glossy Locks

Glossy Locks

Are you always looking a girls with glossy locks and wonder how they do it, what miracle products they use?!

Well maybe its just the haircut you need. So many girls are obsessed with long hair and refuse to cut it regularly and if they do its just a trim, most of the time the hair you day dream about is actually shorter, in better condition and in a suitable colour!

If you constantly change you colour dramatically and over process it but insist on not having an encounter with the scissors you will end up with straw hair.

These lovely ladies demonstrate exactly what i'm talking about...

 Obviously using great hair products helps too. Don't worry good value products do exist. 

Aveda are sooooo concentrated that you use tiny amounts, a little goes a long way.

Being full of naturally derived plant and flower extracts they give your hair the beautiful boost you need.

The Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener is brilliant on frizzy coarse hair, gives a great amount of control and protects against humidity. 

My advise is be brave go shorter and have hair that people are envious of rather than cling on to those longer crusty lengths.

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