Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Head Bands are back!

Head Bands are Back

Each year they attempt to come back and this year i am definitely going to embrace them. Like with each fashion trend you can be as subtle or as outrageous as you like,how daring are you?

One of the reasons i love hair bands.... they suit any hair type, long or short, curly or straight, they can instantly change your image.

Here's a few of my faves:

Hope to see more of you about with head bands on! Please feel free to send pictures in of yourselves rocking your own headband look.

Over and Out


  1. Hi jade, I have terquoise hair, what coloured head band could you recommend that will match my hair colour?
    Amanda xxx

  2. Great question, i love all the amazing colours people are dying their hair at the moment. I have found the perfect head band for you, its a ditzy floral print which will perfectly complement your hair colour and possibly style? hope this helps. Heres the link: