Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Hair from the Grammys 2015

Hair from the Grammys 2015

Here's a round up of my favourite styles from this years Grammys...

Firstly we have the beautiful Kim Kardashian-West, she's gone for a gorgeous mid-length choppy style.

This haircut has been one of my favourites for a while now. I find this length suits so many face shapes and life styles.  Depending on your hair texture it can be extremely low maintenance to style.

Next up Iggy Azalea, this has had mixed reviews but i like it.(Maybe it's one for us strange creatives)

I think many people could use this style as a basis to work from, maybe having the plait slightly smaller and a messy bun to create more texture and a more wearable appearance.

I really love this cute style on Rita Ora, it's ultra feminine, great colour and the length isn't scarily short.

It's great for those office workers that like to tuck their hair behind their ears but still look styled.

Another cheeky little crop from Jennifer Hudson and boy has she done it well!

I love the long ruffled layers on top and the short sides keep it looking fierce!

The gorgeous raven colour keeps it looking uber glossy!

I hate to say it but this isn't my favourite Beyonce look.

She's kind of lost that sassy diva feel and gone back to the extensions.

Bring back the Beyonce bob, fun and fearless!

The most outrageous hair of the evening belongs to SIA and her mini me...
Not one for the faint hearted and i don't think many people will be re-creating this look. Although its fun we'd like to see more of that pretty face!

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